December 9, 2023

Other Sophistry: Favorite communication resources from around the web

The Internet is full of great information that can be useful to develop your communication and public speaking skill set. Some of the content here is directly related to communication, others are relevant to communication, all of it – at least in my opinion – is interesting.


Confidence is one of the most important aspects of all communication, but it is of particular importance to public speaking. Similar to dogs and bees, audiences can smell fear. Sometimes it’s possible to conquer your fear of communicating, but most often it’s easiest to hide your fear with confidence. Amy Cuddy explains how these two options are not mutually exclusive.

Stand-up comedy lies somewhere between theater and public speaking but is definitely its own art. For the public speaker, however, there is much to learn from the great stand-up comedians. This analysis of a single Louis CK joke from the Nerdwriter does an excellent job of explaining how language, delivery, and organization all intersect to create a compelling message.